Changes from Hiace type 3 to type 4

The Hiace turned into type 4 from type 3, but introduces it in detail what kind of part became the change in the model change here. For example, as for knowing where in type 3 of the old type including the which I think about to buy a Hiace by used car and current type 4 it is different in, do you have a particularly big meaning? At first, as for the type 4, the slide glass of the side becomes stylish. The type 3 was a flat impression, but is three-dimensional with the type 4, and is stylish; is imaged. In addition, the glass of the side was not a slide with the type 3, but became all sliding from type 4.
Of course I can choose an option to do as before because I go so far, and there is the one not to be sliding among them.
There is a body color in one if I give the point that a Hiace did not trade even if it becomes the type 4 adversely. It is the kind of the selectable color, but, in addition to general colors such as white, black, dark blue, the silver, it is dark red with the strange color. Because the Hiace was not the car which looked good with a too showy color, I would think that it did not have to play with it about the color variations.